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Movie Works (Pvt) Ltd., is an entertainment based company engaged in building and operating state of the art luxury mini cinemas and importing and distributing world class Hollywood and Bollywood movies. We aim to provide the glory and the magic of world cinema to the Sri Lankan patrons with all its original quality and glamour with most modern technologies available.

We are the pioneers to have introduced these state of the art digital mini cinemas in Sri Lanka and digitalized all its theaters to cater Sri Lankan movie going public at an affordable ticket rate. We intend to offer the magical creations of Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with the worldwide releases in a luxurious and true cinematic environment.

Lankadesha E-Magazine 14th May 2011

Watch the latest at Liberty Lite

When Don Corleone told Johnny Fontane about Woltz, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,” he meant it! No one is to mess with Don Corleone, mob lord and the Godfather himself. Those who thought otherwise had only one solution – eventual death and if you thought of defying his law, it would be slow, gruesome and bloody.

Three decades later, words uttered by the first mob lord still resonate in the ears of those who loved the movie and who dutifully watched all three. Movies are a one door access to a fictional world which takes you a notch closer to a life that you would have dreamt of living at some point, travelling to some of the most exotic places and experiencing the unknown or better yet, living the life of Don Corleone.

Great or even perhaps good movies are released every month. Living far away from these big production houses has placed most Sri Lankans who love watching movies in theatres in a sad plight. As it takes a couple of months for our cinemas to get their hands on the latest releases, most of us end up watching the movie on big screen a couple of months after it has been released globally. Although the situation has improved through the years, it still takes time for a new movie to be shown here. But fear not, Sri Lanka’s newest cinema; ‘Liberty Lite’ promises to bring the newest and latest movies to you.

Located right next to the old dame Liberty cinema, the ‘Liberty Lite’ is a 130 seater cinema which caters to those who want to watch the latest movies in comfort and with plenty of leg space.

Speaking to the proprietor, Anura Jasenthuliyana, “Liberty Lite hopes to bring down and show the latest movies to the public. One of the biggest issues in cinemas here is the fact that there is a delay in showing the newest releases to the public but we hope to counter this issue and get down the latest and give the people the chance of watching something new.”

ccordingly, the cinema has tied up with three big production houses, namely, DreamWorks, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures to ensure that they can bring down the newest movies released globally. The cinema is fully equipped With Dolby Digital sounds and organized seating arraignments,
Liberty Lite is coming out with a bang by showing the most recent movie release ‘Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five)’ -the latest installment to its series. The movie stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson and not forgetting several fast vehicles.

The cinema will open its doors to the public on 13 May, with its first show at 10.30 am and will thereafter show three shows at 1.30pm, 4.15pm and 7pm. Tickets are priced at Rs 350 for adults and Rs 220 for kids and can be reserved on www.ticketslk.com.