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Chekka Chivantha Vaanam

History and significance[edit]

Mani Ratnam after his long relationship with Ilaiyaraaja, decided to drop him and introduce a newcomer, A.R.Rahman in Roja. He happened to listen to some ad jingles, composed by Rahman, in an awards function, where Rahman received the award for Best Jingle Composer. Impressed with Rahman’s works, Ratnam visited his studio and listened to a tune that Rahman had composed long back on the Kaveri River water dispute. Ratnam signed him immediately for the film, which was the first one in his terrorism trilogy. Rahman, in spite of his reluctance to seriously take up work in films, accepted the offer since Ratnam had the reputation of a director with a good taste for music. Rahman would later say: “I wasn’t sure myself why I accepted Roja. I was offered ₹25,000 (US$350) for it, a sum that I could make in three days composing ad jingles. I think it was the prospect of working with Mani that enticed me”.
Roja was released in 1992 to universal acclaim. It is considered a milestone in Tamil and Indian film music that heralded the start of a new era. It was subsequently listed in Time magazine’s World’s “10 Best Soundtracks” of all time. As of April 2017, they worked together in 15 films altogether (out of which two are bilinguals and hence refer to the same soundtrack twice with a change in the language), with every soundtracks having marked a phenomenal critical and commercial success in Indian cinema. Rahman won three out of his six National Awards from his association with Ratnam. Bombay, the most significant work from their combination, is the largest selling Indian music album of all time, with an unprecedented sales of 12 million records.



For the first time in Sri Lanka, MWPL had partnered to produce the first ever 3 lingual Malayalam movie with Iris Green Films; Ms Beena Unnikrishnan and the director Anil Kumar. This stepping stone is featured by our removed actor Jackson Anthoney being the main role of this story supported by our upcoming actress Piumi Hansamali.

The movie revolves around the tale of a youngster who chases his exorbitant dreams. In that journey, knowingly or unknowingly, many other innocent characters become victims. The move emphasizes that even after all the struggles and sleepless nights, the only thing that matter in the end are relationships and the love you get from them.

20th Feb 2018 this stepping stone event was briefed to the press on 20th Feb 2018.


Huge Break For Lankan Cinema


‘102 Not Out collections: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor starrer crosses Rs 50 Cr mark

102 Not Out is directed by Umesh Shukla and is based on the Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi by the same name.

New Delhi: Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer 102 Not Out has received a positive response from the audience. The movie has now crossed the 50 crore mark which is proof of how much the audience adored the film.

102 Not Out is directed by Umesh Shukla and is based on the Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi by the same name.

Noted film critic and trade analyst Taran Adarsh took to Twitter to share the latest collections of the movie. See More:


Avengers 4 is more shocking than Infinity War, star says

Strap in, Marvel fans, because star Chris Hemsworth says the 2019 film will shock and surprise you.

Avengers 4: Release date, cast, plot and title rumors
Black Panther 2: Release date, cast, rumors and theoriess
Avengers 4 title delay could be hiding a bloody spoiler

“I think the second one is even more shocking, for other reasons entirely,” he said. Hemsworth added that he’s even more excited for fans to see Avengers 4 than he was for Infinity War.

“I just think it’s another step again,” he said. “Each step we seem to take with these films, I’ve loved the fact that there’s been growth and evolution and it continues to surprise people.”

The title for Avengers 4 hasn’t yet been announced, but it’s scheduled to come out next year on May 3 in the US and April 26 in the UK, with no Australia release date yet. Due to the dramatic ending of Infinity War, plot details for Avengers 4 are being kept under wraps, but we have some theories and guesses as to what will make it so shocking. See More:


Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Actually A High-Fashion Fantasy

Since it landed in theaters, Solo: A Star Wars Story has sparked plenty of debate. Fans may squabble over the movie’s ranking within the Star Wars canon (and those third act surprises), but there’s one thing everyone can agree on – the costumes looked great and unlike anything we’ve seen in the series to date. The film is filled with incredible clothing thanks to the talents of costume designers Glyn Dillon and David Crossman, who also worked on Rogue One and pulled out all the stops for their second spin-off. Audiences may already be familiar with Han Solo and Lando Calrissian thanks to the original trilogy, but the wardrobes created by Dillon and Crossman showed a fresh side to these beloved characters. See More:


Deepika Padukone’s ‘Padmaavat’ selected for 21st Shanghai International Film Festival

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus ‘Padmaavat’ which was mired in controversy for reportedly distorting facts of Rajputs and the Queen of Chittor, Rani Padmini, finally made its way to the theatres in January 2018. The film even sparked a nationwide protest over the same.
However, after the release of the film, the audience hailed the film and made it a blockbuster. Also, the fringe elements took back their protests saying it glorifies the Rajputs and the Queen.
Now, the lead actress Deepika Padukone who played the role of the brave queen shared a post and expressed her happiness on the film being selected at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival. See more:



Brad Pitt takes Bollywood lessons from Shah Rukh Khan

srk_bradpitt25_1cHollywood actor Brad Pitt says he has great respect for Indian film industry because it has its own unique language, but added that he would never be able to crack the code of Bollywood.

Most of the people in the west associate Bollywood with dancing and singing, and Pitt also carries the same image. He says he can not sing or dance and that is the main reason he will never be able to make it big in Bollywood.

“I have great respect for Indian cinema because it has its own film language, its own stars and has created place of its own… That is what we enjoy over there,” Pitt during a conversation with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan here.

Pitt was curious about Indian showbiz as he asked many queries about how it functions, how long the shoots are and other nitty gritties of the Bollywood world.

As SRK said that See more:

‘Beauty and the Beast’ breaks records: Is Emma Watson now Hollywood’s most sought after actress?

MV5BOTlmNmJlZmYtYjQwYy00OTMyLWEyMTktNzI2NjVjNThhYWJjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjczOTE0MzM@._V1_Emma Watson is fast becoming the Belle of Hollywood’s ball.

Watson was reportedly offered $3 million upfront to play Belle in the latest Disney live-action film directed by Bill Condon, but the 26-year-old actress also signed a deal that entitles her to a cut of the film’s earnings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Costing roughly $300 million to make and market, the film pulled in a record $63.8 million on its Friday opening.

It made $174.8 million in North America over the weekend and $180 million overseas, including $44.8 million in China, Disney said —  breaking multiple Hollywood records, including one set last year by “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” for the biggest March opening.



Dwayne Johnson says he and Jason Statham will deliver “the greatest fight in the history of movies”

fast-and-furious-dwayne-johnson-jason-stathamAlthough reviews for The Fate of the Furious have been mixed leading toward positive, one unanimously agreed upon high point is the camaraderie and banter between the characters of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. They’re so good that apparently, Vin Diesel got a post-credits scene centered on the two cut from the final version of the film, although that didn’t prevent Universal from confirming a spinoff film with the two action stars.

Either way, we will be getting to eventually see the two duke it out one epic fight, as towards the end of an Instagram post thanking those responsible for the success of The Fate of the Furious, Johnson stated: “And finally, a very very special shout out to a certain bald headed, English tea drinkin’, crumpets eatin’, God Save The Queen singin’ suuuuuum bitch, Jason Statham. One fine day, we will give the audience what they want and fight. And it will be the greatest fight in the history of movies. We will then drink like brothers as you nurse your wounds, because I’m gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat, you’re gonna have to stick a toothbrush up your ass to brush ’em. Thanks for trusting me brotha and cheers to always having fun for audience.”


‘The Fate of the Furious’ Beats ‘Star Wars’ for Global Box Office Opening Record


Universal’s “The Fate of the Furious” has set a new record for the highest worldwide opening weekend in box office history, racking up $532 million from 63 countries to pass the $528.9 million set two years ago by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” That total also exceeds the entire theatrical runs of the first five films in the high-octane car series.

Though the eighth “Fast & Furious” film failed to join “Furious 7” in the $100 million domestic opening club (it made $98.8 million this weekend), “Fate” had a roaring debut in China, setting a new 3-day record for Hollywood releases in the Middle Kingdom with $192 million. “Fate” also now holds the second-highest opening in Chinese box office history, trailing only local hit “The Mermaid,” which had the benefit of being released during the Chinese New Year and had four full days of previews. The big Chinese opening helped “Fate” blow past the $316 million overseas opening record set by “Jurassic World” by a massive margin, racking up $433 million.





This is the third Academy Award nomination for Lee Unkrich. He was previously nominated for:

TOY STORY 3 (2010)
Winner, Animated Feature Film

TOY STORY 3 (2010)
Nominee, Writing (Adapted)

This is the second Academy Award nomination for Darla K. Anderson. She was previously nominated for:

TOY STORY 3 (2010)
Nominee, Best Picture



Casey Affleck, THE BOSS BABY

Andrew Garfield, THE BREADWINNER

Ryan Gosling, WINNER! – COCO

Viggo Mortensen, FERDINAND

Denzel Washington, LOVING VINCENT


“Mighty River” from MUDBOUND

“Mystery Of Love” from CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

Emma Stone, WINNER – “Remember Me” from COCO

“Stand Up For Something” from MARSHALL


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